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Wedding Coordinator in Georgia, South Carolina, & Florida


To us, a destination wedding is best in the South, especially amid the beautiful landscapes of Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida. Our beloved region offers romantic, beautiful and unique choices. And you can trust our impartiality when it comes to speaking about your dream event.

The wedding industry can be a fragmented business. Lots of vendors, venues and professionals to choose from. What’s included, what not. The important thing for a couple is to be focused on getting married. To that end, job-one for us is to wrap it up in a nice neat package for you. Our wedding coordinating services and packages are simple, effective, and efficient. For every destination wedding we are your eyes and ears and remain flexible. As your wedding vision changes, we change with you. Whether you want to get married in a historic location, on the beach surrounded by ocean views, or in an exclusive venue overlooking the sea, we are certain you can find it with the help of our wedding coordinators in Savannah, Georgia; South Carolina; and Florida. We offer day-of wedding coordinators, wedding event planners, and many more personalized wedding services.


Our region is ideal for an elegant, refined wedding experience custom-tailored to YOUR TASTES. We would love an opportunity to discuss your dream event. Please contact us for a complimentary wedding consultation.

Wedding Coordinators in Savannah, Georgia; South Carolina; and Florida

Ceremony & Day-of Coordination Services

 Ceremony & Day-of Coordination Services